Decommissioning in the Oil and Gas segment involves removal and refurbishment of structures offshore or subsea. These would involve sawing / controlled demolition of reinforced structures, subsea risers, pure steel structure etc., using diamond technologies. siegenthalerconsulting GmbH provides expertise in understating the complexity facing the clients, provides safe workable solution (JSA) and methodologies (JMA) while developing bespoke equipment tailored to client and job site requirement. We provide competent project support, customer centric solution that result in cost efficiencies, productivity and increased profitability.

Below you will find various projects to the success of which the employees of siegenthalerconsulting GmbH have made a significant contribution.

Underwater application with diamond wire saw technology

  • Decommissioning of sunk vessel – executed so that it could be salvaged and lifted  out
  • Target vessel submerged at depth of 14 m under water
  • 30 kW Diamond Wire Saw used with drive unit close to the water surface and operators operating with control box at a distance

Underwater pipe wire sawing

  • Diamond wire technology is particularly suitable for cutting platforms under water efficiently and above all, very safely
  • Platform supports with a diameter of 1500 mm have already been sawed off in a water depth up to 100 m

Sawing pipelines with a customer-specific diamond wire saw