Refurbishment / upgrades of structures in mid and down stream segment play a very critical part in improvement and enhancement of onshore infrastructure for the oil and gas sector. Most of these jobs are time critical and involve planning execution and safety check with upmost precision. From upgrades to Residual fluid catalytic cracker units (refineries) to cutting of steel structures using remote operated diamond technologies. siegenthalerconsulting GmbH provides customers with solutions that enhance productivity and result in tangible cost savings.

Below we show you the projects in which the employees of siegenthalerconsulting GmbH were significantly involved in the past.

Renovation work in a Petroleum Refinery - Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC)

  • Decommissioning of the steel dome (top) of the reactor using special Diamond  Saw Blades
  • Completed the cut in 7 hour compared to traditional 9 days (milling machine)
  • Mobilization and lift of entire cut structure (154 T) using a 800 T crane at 65 m height.
  • 20 mm Steel coupled with 20 cm of HEX mesh abrasive heat treated cementitious refractory material
  • Precision / specific cuts of steel vents , pipes using diamond impregnated wire
  • Wet Sawing with bespoke pipe sawing attachments using remote actuated release pulley system

Oil platforms are being dismantled on land

  • Oil platforms are brought ashore in order to dismantle them safely and efficiently
  • For safety reasons, the strategic cuts are carried out remotely with a mobile diamond pipe cutting wire saw system

Renovation work, chimney shortening in an oil refinery

  • A 100 m high chimney had to be shortened by 10 m
  • The top piece of the chimney was sawed off at a height of 90 m using diamond wire technology

Controlled chimney dismantling in an oil refinery

  • A 175 m high concrete chimney was dismantled in a controlled manner with wall saws
  • 3 wall saws equipped with diamond saw blades were in use
  • The complete dismantling took 4 months
  • In the end, 1,350 concrete elements with a weight of approx. 4 t each were ready for removal